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            Company ProfileCultureSpeechHonorOrganizationEquipment
            Kemei Creed
            Honesty: honesty and trustworthiness, true words and deeds.
            Innovation: keep pace with the times, pioneer and innovate
            Quality: Quality comes first, create excellence.

            company culture
            People-oriented: Take employees as the center and realize self-worth.
            Quality first: To benefit from management, to create a brand by quality.
            Customer first: Attentive and considerate service to meet customer needs.
            Pursue excellence: quality builds brand, brand pursues excellence

            Customer Department
            High quality, customer first.
            Communicate attentively and serve attentively!

            Production Department
            Diligent and pragmatic, quality first.
            Pursue efficiency and create brand!
            General Manager
            Build credibility with honesty, and establish honesty with credibility.
            Relying on excellence and quality first!